One-on-One Happiness Coaching

If you’d like to go deeper and want to do some work one-on-one, Happiness Coaching is the way to go!

Send an email to and we’ll set up a time to talk about your goals and design a plan together to get you where you want to be.

We’ll start by chatting about where you are on your happiness journey right now. What seems to be working? Where do you find yourself feeling stuck? We’ll work together to start you on the path to greater happiness.

Next, we’ll talk about your self-image and your beliefs, and begin training your mind toward happiness. I’ll create some exercises and homework assignments for you to work on that are both fun and effective.

After that, we’ll talk about your relationships with your family, friends, and partner, and dig into your values. We’ll examine what’s important to you, why it’s important to you, and how you can live in accordance with your values.

Lastly, we’ll chat about your heart. What do you want to give? How can you build a life around giving from your heart and inspiring others? This is my favorite subject, and I look forward to exploring it in depth with you.

Send an email to and we’ll get started!